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  • Can you Track your team on a map ?
    Is your Scheduling inefficient ?

    Need to process assignments faster ?
    Want to improve customer service ?

  • Your Team on a Map
    GeoLocate & Control

    Visual, Interactive Scheduling
    Never miss a job

  • Know Your Customers
    Intelligent Analysis.

    Know Monitor Staff Performance
    Optimize & Save

  • SaaS Mobile Application
    Instant Launch

    Easy to use
    Stellar Support and Training       

  • Business Intelligence
    Dashboards and Reports.

    uncover Trends
    Out grow your Competition

KumoTeam is a SaaS application developed to Automate & Track any business process where teams are out in the field interacting with customers.

The solution allows a company to respond to customer request with real time data on the location (on a Map) & availability of their Field staff.

The Mobile interface allows staff to receive & perform job assignments including invoicing & receiving payments from the customer.

Intelligent Dashboards are available for management to have a real time , birds eye view of their business.

WSI Internet Consultants will work with you to help configure the solution to your needs & get it adopted by your team.

  • Home Repair
  • Field Sales Teams
  • Service / Installation
  • Insurance Adjusters
  • Dispatch / Call Centers

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  • Consolidated View of your company – Across branches or offices.
  • LIVE MAP view of your entire team.
  • View & Manage your Teams Schedule.
  • Assign Jobs directly to your Teams iOS / Android Phones.
  • Send Invoices to customers & collect payments.
  • Real Time , Intelligent reporting to help you make smart decisions.
  • Customer Calls –>; Attendant Answers Via Attendant Dashboard.
  • By the ZIP Code & Address, System Locates the Customer on a Map & Displays Staff Near the customer, Staff Schedule is also Displayed.
  • Attendant Finalizes the appointment directly into the selected Staff Schedule.
  • Appointment Goes to Staff iOS/Android Device & Confirmation Email goes to customer.
  • Staff sees the job description & gets driving directions on their iOS/Android Device. Staff arrives at the site, assesses the problem & checks Inventory directly form their iOS/Android Device.
  • Staff does the job, works on the Invoice on their iOS/Android Device & Invoice + Payment receipt is emailed out to the customer.
  • Staff becomes available again on the Attendants dashboard.
  • Management Can see the added customer & Revenue + Reduced inventory in their dashboard.

A Plumbing company in Toronto with 20 Trucks was struggling with managing Team Schedules & their customers main complaint was a time window "2-6PM". They had no way of tracking payments & ensuring jobs that customers were notified in case the Tech was late.

  • We stepped into deploy the Home Repair SaaS solution where now all Techs have the application on their iPhone / Android device.
  • The Dispatch knows EXACTLY where the tech is & the days schedule for each Tech.
  • The system automatically calculates Skill , proximity & schedule to assign the job to the right technician & the customer can get an accurate appointment right over the phone.
  • Techs can send out invoices directly to the customer from their phones & Record payments.

Customer Benefits

  • Average call time per customer with dispatch down by 55%.
  • Jobs per day per technician increased by 30%.
  • Customer Satisfaction up due to the regular updates sent directly by the system.
  • Management has full financial visibility on a daily basis.
  • Quick Deployment – Get Started & Trained over a weekend!.
  • Web & Mobile SaaS Solution – No Hardware Costs.
  • Process Automation – Reduce Staff Workload.
  • Live Locations & Schedules – View your Team in Real time.
  • Real Time Reporting – Visualize your business Instantly!.
  • Track Ad Sources – See what marketing dollars are working for you.
  • Customer Interaction – Be proactive with your customers Automatically.
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